Hey there, I’m: Rebecca Lang, award-winning certified wedding planner and #memorymaker in Orlando, FL!!

Most days you can find me:  at home with my hubby of 8 years or out with my close friends

I am mostly known for: my smile and bubbly personality

People often refer to me as: Pooks! It’s a nickname given to me by my husband and used by everyone else :p

I love serving the world by: bringing a smile to someone’s face, making people laugh and most importantly showing love to all!

The things I am most passionate about in life are: living in the moment, loving each minute and laughing at the memories created (get it 😉)

Why event planning?: After planning AND coordinating my own wedding (trust me-DON'T DO IT!), I remember afterwards being at my parents house and crying in my old bedroom because I realized that the wedding part is over and now I'm someone's WIFE. All the details that seemed so important, the planning, the "trying to have a perfect day" was over and  I totally missed the moment :(  I missed the true meaning of the day and I couldn't go back. Fast forward to the present:  my company's goal is to help my clients live in the moment and enjoy each minute while I take care of the rest!

I serve people who are looking for: relief in planning and/or executing an event

I am lucky to show my clients: how stress-free planning and executing an event can be!

 When I am not busy working on your next event you can catch me:

1. Serving at my local church

2. Working on my husband and I’s YouTube Channel -#PooksWorld!!

3. Networking with all the amazing people in the event industry

If you are dying to hear more, here are 3 more things you might not know about me:

1.  Born and raised in Queens, NY

2. I speak 2 languages (Sak pase`!)

3. I know ALL the dance moves to ALL 3 High School Musical final dance scenes (no judging!)

Still here? Let’s connect! Contact me today for a free consult. Looking forward to chatting with you further!